A Visual History of the 5 Best NBA All-Star Game Uniforms

A Visual History of the 5 Best NBA All-Star Game Uniforms


From Dunk Contest memories to creating must see moments like Kyrie Irving’s crossover on Brandon Knight in the Freshmen vs. Sophomore game, it’s an amazing time for basketball lovers everywhere. With the divergence of the leagues’ best talent congregating to one location, it’s a time for brands and players to step into the spotlight of greatness. Grabbing NBA All-Star Game MVP honors and looking stylish while doing so is a must.

So as the years have passed, which NBA All-Star Game jerseys have been better than others? We take a look.

A Top 5 List of the Best NBA All-Star Game Jerseys


5. 2006 NBA All-Star Jersey

Here was the first instance of a switch up of swag from the NBA. Almost mimicking the Philadelphia 76ers throwback two-tone jersey from the 60’s. Anything from 1970 to the late 1990’s was a simple white or blue colorway with vertical stars going up and down the jersey.

4. 1996 NBA All-Star Jersey

This was probably the first instance of an eye-popping jersey colorway by the NBA. You know how colors went down in the 90’s, pastel was in and bold and plain was out. Even the home white jerseys looked like they belonged at a night club in Miami.

3. 2009 NBA All-Star Jersey

My personal favorite. The 2009 All-Star joints looked futuristic and have no comparison to any other All-Star year.

2. 2019 NBA All-Star Jersey

The first black and white edition of its kind. Clean and simple gets the job done too, and Jordan Brand is aware of that. Each All-Star’s respective team logo will lay across their chest and for the first time, players from each conference have been mixed and combined to play on one team. No more conferences to separate players. With a new format comes a new look of jersey, too!

1. 2001 NBA All-Star Jersey

Sweet glory! No uniforms but your own. “Rep where you stay, rep where you stay!”, the crowd exclaims from the background! This is best concept and best jersey to place in the All-Star game because of one reason and one reason only. Egos, men have egos and to feed that ego with competition and going at each other is heightened when physically visible. I’m sure Allen Iverson wanted to go at Kobe all game long. Though imagine how much better it looks when you cross him over in an actual Laker jersey? You get the point. This was the best idea the league has had for All-Star and can only hope to see it again.



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