The world’s best pickle meets the Ewing Sport Lite
Ewing Athletics has collaborated with the world’s best pickle: Grillo’s Pickles. Founder Travis Grillo started selling two spears for $1 out of a hand built wooden pickle cart in the streets of Boston 10 years ago after missing out on an opportunity to be a Sneaker Designer at Nike. Now, he and his brand have come full circle, releasing the first ever pickle sneaker coined the name “The Pickle.” This limited sneaker releases March 4th exclusively on The pickles can be found nationwide at markets including Whole Foods, Target, Publix, Bj’s, Stop and Shop, Safeway, and many many more. 
When it comes to the design of the sneaker no detail has been left out. The sneaker’s inspiration starts with clear soles and clear lace lining that represents the farmers market style jar filled with fresh pickles — and the imagery on the sole can attest to that. The green suede upper represents the fresh dill found in each jar while the green leather is a nod to the crisp, crunchy cucumbers that are used to make the world’s best pickle. The white laces represent the fresh California garlic found on top in each jar while the tongues scream “FRESH GRILLO’S” just in case anyone needed a reminder. To finish it off, the Pickle Man sits chillin’ on the heel of each shoe. You can find an original photo of the pickle cart that Grillo’s started out of on each insole. This is a one of a kind sneaker that every foodie and sneaker collector needs. 

Ewing Sport Lite x Grillo’s Pickles “The Pickle”Releases March 4th on$140

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