An Intro to Sean Wotherspoon of the Nike Air Max 97/1

Sean Wotherspoon

An Intro to Sean Wotherspoon of the Nike Air Max 97/1

Given 4 walls and an Instagram page that posts over 50 times a day, that might give you a solid start to success as it did for Round Two. A world-renounced consignment shop started by Sean Wotherspoon. I’m not going to pretend like I know this man personally or that I’ve ever met him. All I can do is tell the story of who he is to me and his story of influencer prominence as I’ve witnessed it.

The short time I spent going to high school in Virginia, I kept a few eyes open to stores that were cool to shop at in D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area. I kept seeing regular stores until a friend of mine put me onto Round 2’s Instagram. From then on, Round 2 has been on my radar as a fan of their YouTube Channel, grind, and success. That’s all thanks to Sean.

Given the popular success and garnered respect of the store, Round 2 has had clientele that ranges from your regular Joe’s to A$AP Rocky. With Nike giving signature sneaker opportunities out to what they like to call “Revolutionairs” such as Chicago’s own Don C and Virgil, Sean lands his own Air Max!

The Nike Air Max 97/1 “Sean Wotherspoon” is set to release on November 21st as first come first serve for $160 at Need Supply in Richmond, Va. I wide release of the sneaker is set for Air Max Day 2018. Until then, suck ya teeth.


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