Kenny Moore Cortez Collection Coming Soon

Cortez Kenny Moore

Kenny Moore Cortez Collection Coming Soon

The Cortez originated from Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman when he was working as a track and field coach. Bowerman’s main goal was to make a shoe perfectly suited for runners and everything they have to withstand.

Kenny Moore Cortez KM

Kenny Moore, before he became an Olympic marathoner, had Bill Bowerman as a track coach when his foot broke. Since Moore’s foot broke while running, Bowerman took the shoe apart and realized it was lacking in many areas. Bowerman made it his mission to make a perfect running shoe. While Moore took time off from running to let his foot heal, Bowerman worked to make a shoe with more cushion, more arch support and a more durable sole.

Kenny Moore handmade shoe Cortez

Soon Moore was back on the track and testing out what would become the Cortez. Everytime Moore finished running he would return the shoe to Bowerman who would then make improvements based on his inspections and Moore’s feedback. After months of alterations and improvements Bowerman was finally happy with his creation that would later be named the Cortez.

Cortez Kenny Moore copy

In May of 2017, Kenny Moore received a package filled with Cortez’s celebrating it’s 45th anniversary. He pulled out a white pair with MOORE written on the lateral sides and his old track and field training schedules printed on the insoles. What an amazing gift to honor his part in the making of the Cortez.

Kenny more Cortez insole

The historic Kenny Moore Collection will be available August 25 via the SNKRS app and at select retailers. Make sure to get yours to add to your Cortez Collection.