New Beginnings for the Jordan Brand With Jordan 9 Guanghua Store in Beijing

Guanghua Store

New Beginnings for the Jordan Brand With Jordan 9 Guanghua Store in Beijing

This past weekend, the Jordan Brand opened up its newest retail spot in Beijing, China. But this isn’t just another spot to pick up your newest Jordan release or cop another pair of shorts to run pick up games in. This is a store that leaves you in aww. Keep in mind that this is the biggest Jordan Brand store in mainland China.

The store features your common shoe shelves and sales associates, but as you delve into what more the store has to offer, you gain a respect for Jordan Brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. With a newly branded regulated size court, it gives customers the opportunity to test out the products they just bought. Not sure what that return policy looks like though!

“We are excited to bring Jordan Brand’s vision to life in Beijing by creating a retail experience that not only pays homage to the brand’s legacy and the city’s culture, but also inspires the future,”says Larry Miller, President of Jordan Brand.

The store is also garnered towards Chinese culture with 365 Beijing-specific customized icons throughout the store. These icons are inspired by local landmarks and basketball court locations throughout the city.

My favorite part of the store is the product testing, Nike and Jordan Brand seem to be doing this more and more with their new headquarters facility in New York, as well as the new Guanghua location.


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