StockX CEO Josh Luber Visits the Premium Pete Show

StockX CEO Josh Luber Visits the Premium Pete Show

You may have seen this green X floating around the internet or on sneaker blogs or even on that one Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl commercial back in February. 

In some way or fashion, we all know the internet would yield way to e-commerce and open other avenues to making money. From Facebook to eBay, creating a business presence online is starting to look like the best and most efficient way to run business in 2018. But don’t just let me tell you, hear from CEO and Co-founder of StockX Josh Luber.

Josh was able to visit the Premium Pete Show in New York to sit down and discuss the beginning of “Campless” which is now known to the world as StockX. I won’t detail too much of his story but the podcast details so much of his beginning, the hiring process for the company, and how Cleveland Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert got financially involved with StockX.

Enjoy the audio below


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