Vans 2016 MTE All Weather Collection

Vans 2016 MTE Collection

Vans Reveals New 2016 MTE All Weather Collection

Vans revealed a new 2016 collection. As a result of the wet and cold seasons approaching, the MTE All Weather collection consists of apparel and footwear are durable for those type of seasons. The apparel extends to men and women’s apparel. The Vans All Weather MTE launches globally September 21st.

MTE Collection Men’s and Women’s Apparel

Vans MTE Collection Men's and Women's Apparel


Women’s apparel includes a Diggit MTE jacket with a quilted high neck and is water resistant. Off Key Parka MTE and the Fuego Parka MTE are jackets with a longer fit and with a durable water resistant coat.

The men’s apparel has Kilroy MTE hooded bomber which has a quilted lining. Another jacket is the 66th Parallel MTE jacket which is made of a lighweight material, but provides warmth and is also water resistant. The last jacket for the men’s apparel is a Junipero MTE that is an adaptable traditional fisherman’s jacket.

MTE Collection Footwear

Vans MTE 2016 Footwear Collection 1

The MTE footwear has the Vans Sk-8 silhouettes. All pairs of shoes are made of premium leather and suede uppers. A heat retention layer to keep warm was added in between the sockliner and the outsole. The outsole was design to withstand the cold weather while using modern tech.

Vans MTE 2016 Footwear Collection 2

The Vans 2016 MTE All Weather Collection launches on September 21st

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