Juicy J and Belly at House of Blues

Juicy J ft

Juicy J and Belly at House of Blues

This Friday, February 17 rappers Juicy J and Belly will perform at House of Blues in Houston, TX. Juicy J started his career in Memphis, Tennesse with his group Three 6 Mafia and has grown to national stardom since. He also produces music for other artists and is a co-owner of the label Taylor Gang with Wiz Khalifa. The tour, Rubba Band Business, is promoting his latest album by the same name. Belly is a rapper from Toronto who has been a songwriter since childhood. He started off his career by becoming a renowned name in Toronto and became a part of Jay Z’s R.O.C. Nation in 2015. Belly works with and writes songs for various artists, such as his close friend Abel aka The Weekend. Belly’s first album with R.O.C. Nation, Another Day in Paradise, was released in 2016.

Juicy J and Belly

Enjoy their music live this Friday! Tickets are available online.

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