Nike’s First Episode of Come Out of Nowhere with Devin Booker

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Nike’s First Episode of Come Out of Nowhere with Devin Booker

Devin Booker is the first NBA player seen in Nike’s original series Come Out of Nowhere. Other players higlighted are Isaiah Thomas and Giannis Antetokounmpo. The documentary-style video series brings to light each athletes path to the NBA.

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In high school Devin Booker and his father made the life changing decision to move to Moss Point, Mississippi in order to improve his skills. Moving there helped him become more of an elite player and got him on the national stage. Initially Devin Booker was not sure about how long he would last in Moss Point but his training paid off.

Devin Booker and father

The episode brings together Devin’s upbringing and his current NBA stardom. Of course Booker’s episdoe includes clips of those who knew him before stardome. One of his biggest aids, his former college playing dad, is shown in various scenes. The experience his father has definitly helped Devin become the player he is today.

Devin Booker father up front

At just 18 years old Devin Booker was the number 13 pick for the 2015 NBA Draft and he is far from arrogent about his accomplishment. He may not have all the hype on his name like others but he does not seem to mind. All he wants and deserves is respect for his name. WatchΒ Come Out of Nowhere and get a glimpse into his life.


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